You may find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find an answer to your problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




1.1 Who is 20eme Siècle SPRL?

20eme Siècle is an e-Boutique based in Brussels (Belgium) specialized in the procurement and sales of design objects from the 1920's to the 1980’s such as furniture, lighting, seating, decorative items as well as unique collectibles. 

Each item is chosen based on its historical background and craftsmanship, indeed we have a passion for the old, and its relevance in today’s design aesthetic. 
In order to ensure the highest quality and standards of each item, we work with a wide array of craftsmen who work tirelessly to restore pieces to their original state. 

We operate out of "The Coliseum" a 350m² industrial warehouse, opened by appointment, from where we import and export high quality mid-century modern pieces all over the globe, with our most important markets being Brussels, Paris, London, New-York and Hong Kong. 
This has allowed us to develop an expertise in antiques packaging and worldwide shipping. 

20eme Siècle offers tailor made services such as renting and the sourcing of objects, as well as assistance and consulting for the hospitality industry. 

In our family run business - the client is the first priority.

To learn more about our Company  ; our Selection ; our Services.


1.2 Where are you located?

Warehouse:                                                                                                           Office:      

547 Chaussée de Boondael                                                                                30 Avenue Pierre & Marie Curie
1050 Ixelles                                                                                                          1050 Ixelles
Belgium                                                                                                                Belgium 


1.3 How may I contact 20éme Siècle?


  • Emmanuelle | Owner & Manager | +32 (0) 476.23.21.33

Email: info@20emesiecle.be


1.4 What makes 20eme Siècle a trustworthy e-commerce?

We have been selling objects on eBay for the last 10 years; this has allowed us to gain a lot of experience in e-commerce as well as having a great client feedback of 100% and relationship.

Furthermore, we work with a multitude of recognized web-marketplaces such as 1st Dibs, Design Addict, Retrostart,Pamono, Design Market, eBay.


 To learn more about our e-expertise... 


2.1 Are all your products original, authentic? Do you supply certificates of authenticity?

We at 20eme Siècle pride ourselves on exclusively selling historic design pieces, for our company, it is a matter of business ethic to not deal in reproductions or copies.

Currently we do not deal in contemporary designs or re-editions. 

Our company only deals with original antique pieces. We do not deal in pieces made after the 1980’s.
Working in a market where fakes, copies and reeditions are rife, it is our company’s ethical obligation and choice to exclusively work with and sell original / authentic pieces.
It is also for this reason that our restoration and refurbishment process has for unique goal to restore a piece to its original state while remaining minimal and respectful of the original design of an item.
When it is possible, we supply authenticity certificates for certain pieces.


2.2 In what state do you sell your objects? What is the restoration process?

We restore our objects to perfect condition, in order for them to have a new lease on life. All elements are retreated, such as the leather, wood, metal etc... 

All of this work is executed by our in-house full time craftsman. 20éme Siècle works with select specialized craftsmen for restorations that require specialist work. It is important to note that we only purchase objects that require minimal restoration and we strive to preserve their original design and state. 

20eme Siècle does not only sell a product, but also an experience and quality guarantee. Indeed, we specialize in high quality objects, which are close to out of the box state. Furthermore, each item goes through a restoration process in order to offer a premium product, this requires expertise and time. 


2.3 Are your lighting fixtures and lamps compatible with US and UK systems? What light bulb wattage should I use?

All wiring is compatible with US and UK systems, but due to market restrictions, we do not provide UK and US plugs. 
Please note that wall sconces, ceiling lamps, etc. that do not require plugs, are compatible as is for US and UK markets.
Wattage restrictions were implemented in the past to avoid the melting of plastic and textile elements. Metal and glass parts are not susceptible to these problems. 
With today’s technology it is possible to opt for:

  •  Eco halogen bulbs, but they tend to overheat.
  •  Economical bulbs that have a consumption and heat emission of 7w and a light emission of 35w 
  •  LED bulbs, depending on manufacturer’s technology; they provide bulbs with a heat and consummation emission of 1w and produce 12w of light.

Do not exceed 20w bulbs, for lamps with multiple light bulbs.


2.4 What is your price policy?

We are not a traditional shop as we solely deal on the internet. We supply a secure and safe shopping experience, with e-commerce know-how.

This is why our prices, in certain cases, may differ from other retailers; indeed on the internet it is common to come across base prices where services and restoration have not been included.



3.1 What does « specialized transporter » mean?

This means that the transporter is specialized in moving furniture and delicate items, with specific handling and packing knowhow. 
The cost of these transporters is more expensive than other companies, but the respect and integrity of your object is guaranteed. 


3.2 Do you ship to my country? How may I get a quote for my shipping, what information do I have to give?

20eme Siècle ships all over the world, we have already shipped to North America Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Western Europe, Russia and Australia.
We mainly with TNT airfreight for most countries, but we are more than happy to give you shipping cost estimation if you do not find your location in our lists. 

Please refer yourself to our shipping and packaging page for more information.

When filling out a shipping form you must supply:

  •  Country Zip Code and the name of the city you wish to ship to.
  •  Indicate whether your purchase is private or professional, in which case you will need to indicate the name of your company and VAT code, if applicable.


3.3 Is it possible to come and collect my order from your warehouse? May my order be stored in your warehouse and for how long? Is it possible for me to use my own shipping company?

Yes it is possible to come and collect your purchases directly from our warehouse. 

Storage is not included in the purchase price, but it is possible to reach an agreement concerning supplementary storage fees, at the risk of the buyer.
20eme Siècle works with a number of trusted shipping companies who supply a high quality service and guarantee. In the case you wish to use a different shipping company, all risks and packing will be at your charge. 


3.4 When will my order ship? Are the mentioned shipping delays guaranteed?

20eme siècle has an in house processing time that varies between 48h and 5 days, upon reception of payment, depending on the type of object. Once the purchase is dispatched you will receive a confirmation.

We cannot be held responsible for any late deliveries, even though the companies we work with are highly trustworthy and respect the shipping delays mentioned on our website.
It is possible that the shipping time may be delayed due to custom formalities, of which we have no control. 


3.5 What are the shipping and handling rates? 
Are shipping and packing included in the price?
The shipping and/or packing fees seem high, why?

Shipping and handling rates include packing, packing materials and transport; these prices vary depending on the weight, volume, fragility and destination of the product. For more information please refer to our shipping and packing page. 

Shipping and packing are not included in the price of an object.
Due to the fragile nature of mid century objects and antiques, it is necessary to be diligent with the packing, we use a multitude of different packing materials such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam and for certain objects we make special casings to measure, this is why our packing prices may seem high. 


3.6 Is it possible to receive a rebate on the shipping and packing fees in the case of grouped purchases?

We calculate shipping and packing fees based on real costs, so the more objects you purchase; less shipping and packing fees will be high.


3.7 Is it possible to track my order?  My order is lost, what should I do? 

For the majority of our shipments we work with TNT, and thus it is possible to track your orders. 
But for orders shipped with our specialized transporters, who are often small companies, tracking directly with them is not possible, but 20eme Siècle ensures their follow-up.
In this case you will receive their contact information so you may be in contact with them over the course of the shipping of your purchases.


3.8 What are your return policies?

We respect the legislation of the right to return policies concerning purchases carried out on the internet.
Returns are possible within 14 days of the reception of the package without reason but the purchaser must indicate by writing, be it via email or post, of their wish to return an item. 

Objects must be returned in the original packaging, so as to not be damaged, and all shipping costs will not be covered by 20eme Siècle.
For more information please refer to our general terms and conditions.



Every object is packed in a made to measure packing.

In order not to lose any pieces or damage your item while unpacking, it is crucial you follow the following points:

- First and foremost, unwrap your item CALMLY. Do not use any brusque movements. Take your time.

- Unpack your item on a flat and stable surface, ideally at floor level, so that any detached pieces do not fall and break.

- Check the inside of the packing material to make sure there are no detached pieces left inside.

Some of our items are sent in unassembled. This means that the different elements are in different packages inside the container you receive.
Keys, screws, and other small pieces are generally included in an envelope stuck to the outside of the box or container. 


4.1 What happens if I receive a damaged item?

If you receive a damaged item: 

If possible, mention on the consignment slip that the object you have received is damaged. 
In all cases it is absolutely necessary to contact us immediately within 24 hours of the reception of the damaged item as well as listing all information concerning the item in an email, be as detailed as possible when describing the damaged object. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to keep the packing material (as it is legally required by transport companies), take photos of the packing material, the object and all damaged parts. 
With all this information, a complaint will be sent to the transport company.



5.1 What payment options do you offer, and is all my information safe?

It is possible to pay via Paypal and bank transfer, all your banking details and personal information remain confidential.

Please find further information in our general terms http://www.20emesiecle.be/terms_conditions

We do not accept payment by checks. 


5.2 Will I have to pay additional duties or taxes after I submit an order?

Transport prices include handling, packing from door to door, but all local taxes and customs fees are not covered by our company.


5.3 Are your prices subject to VAT?

20eme Siècle is subject to a particular VAT regimen, goods are sold under the margin scheme (Belgium’s VAT code, article 58 §4) this signifies that the VAT is included in the price, and is covered by 20eme siècle but it is not deductible.