Who are we


Our beginnings :


 Logo Evolution


 20eme Siecle was founded in 2009 by Emmanuelle Einhorn, Art Historian, and Istvan Zelnik, political scientist.

Over the first few years, following the creation of the company, Emmanuelle and Istvan launch themselves into the activity of acquiring and reselling art pieces. 
This part of their adventure took place in the Marolles area, where they both worked for 3 years at one of the top Antique Centers of Belgium.
It is during this time they learned the ins and outs of the job as well as brushing elbows with hundreds of other professionals of the field such as antique dealers,
collectors, fairs organizer, transporters, actors in the film industry and advertising professionals.

Along with this experience, being pioneers in their field and having an interest in everything related to the internet, the duo launch an eBay boutique in 2005.
This is the opening of their first on-line shop


20eme Siècle :


Following one year of training at the Solvay Entrepreneur Business School, they decide to jump into the deep end by opening their own shop where it all begins: 188 Rue Haute. 

With a surface of 200m2, 20eme Siecle takes full advantage of this big space to adjust their procurement choices based on their client’s tastes. 

In 2011, anticipating a boom in the importance of internet in their sector of activity, the team decides to close their physical shop and to launch an e-business.


 Rue Haute


E –Business :


In 2011, 20eme Siècle settled in an industrial warehouse of 350m2 in the university area that is both vibrant and accessible to their customers and partners.

This new positioning on the internet propels them onto the international scene and pushes them to develop their expertise in international commerce. 
It is then that their products start being exported to the big capitals such as Paris and London.