Une brique dans le ventre – RTBF    

Saturday 11/10/2014 Program
Know-How : Embroidery and Fabrics for Vintage Furniture






 As part of our collaboration with Christine Hermans for our PPLD project

IN : Le Vif Weekend – N°7 du 14 au 20 février 2014 par Piet Swimberghe

Contemporary vintage.
Mixing genres. She (
Christine Hermans) knows a great
success with her collection of vintage furniture; she upholsters them with her
own fabrics and embroidery. The textile designer Christine Hermans opened the doors of her apartment in the heart of Brussels, a superb setting for her creations,to us.






IN: Meubihome - Janvier 2014

Vendre des meubles vintage par   Internet – S. Van der Brempt

A web gallery, called " 20th century" created by three vintage decoration enthusiasts. They are located in a residential area of
the capital of Europe , Brussels. They settled in an industrial loft from
which they operate worldwide for purchases and sales, as you would have understood, via the Internet.





IN : Vintage   Explorer – Dec/Jan 2014

Quality goodness







IN : Marie Claire Belgique – Novembre 2013

Women are the Future of Art : Carine Fol, Emmanuelle Einhorn, Diane Kervyn , three women active in the field of art , three different sensitivities ,
but a common desire , to put a good high heeled kick in the anthill . By Myriam Berghe

Emmanuelle Einhorn : A curious and free spirit





IN : Brussels Design September Magazine – Septembre 2012    

Vintage Values by Aldine Reinink





IN : Forward – Mai 2010 par Serge Bruninx    

The Antiques of tomorrow. 20eme Siècle, “vintage” on the Rue Haute in Brussels





IN : Ling – A   Magazine about their people and their cities – N°26 – Avril 2009    

The Modernists  by Ann-Eve Fillenbaum