Thanks to our 15 years of experience as well as having purchased thousands of pieces, we have set the following criteria as fundamental during our procurement process.

  • The authenticity of the piece: our deontology: 
    The world of mid century modern furniture is one where fakes and reproductions are more and more prevalent on the market. Thus we must underline the fact that all our items are original pieces. This is why the restoration process, to us, is a step to rehabilitate an item to its original state without compromising the original design. 

  • The context surrounding a piece:

The history of our pieces is important to us. Indeed we ask ourselves many questions before we acquire an item, such as: In which context were they produced? For which use and destination? What is innovative in its design? Where are the pieces from and what are their functions?

  • Documentation of a piece :

Who is the designer of the piece? The manufacturer? Is this a piece that was manufactured in a small atelier and attests to a unique know-how? Or was the piece an industrially produced item, the result of innovative production techniques and technology?

  • The Aesthetic: 
    This is a subjective selection criteria, indeed we mainly select pieces of which the design and aesthetic appeal to us personally.

  • The know-how and quality of the production of an item

  • The state of preservation of the piece

  • The rarity of an item on the market.







Our Products



Since the launch of our company, we have strived to offer our clients an eclectic selection of pieces. This explains why the items in our catalogue contain items produced in the 20th Century, ranging from the Art Nouveaux period up until the 80’s, although our key periods range from the Interbellum period up to the beginning of the Swinging Sixties. 

Furthermore, we favour pieces made with “living material” such as wood over synthetic materials. 
Our approach allows us to appreciate design for the design, this is why you will find both signed and anonymous creations among our selection as an appreciation for the innovation and aesthetic of the past.

You may find in our E-Boutique :

  • An interesting collection of lighting: Lunel, Arlus, Stillnovo, Arredoluce, Anvia, Raak, Markaryd, Fog&Morup,…

  • Series of authentic pieces destined for large spaces, such as series of chairs and pendant lamps and coming in lots of 10 or 20 items.
    These series are ideal for furnishing public spaces wishing to portray a unique identity.

  • A selection of Scandinavian design: Hans Agne Jakobson, Yngve Ekstrom, Lyfa, Fog&Morup, Silkeborg

  • A selection of Dutch (Industrial) design, a field in which we are experts : Cees Braakman pour Pastoe, DeBoer, JJ Hoogvort pour Anvia, Nanny Still pour Raak, Friso Kramer pour Arhendt de Circkel

  • A collection of more than a thousand pieces ideal for furnishing your living spaces such as your living room, dining room, office and children’s rooms.

    We offer storage pieces, desks, lighting, small furniture pieces (side tables, consoles, secretaries,…) and accessories (wall art, vases, …)










Passion is our driving force. What an item tells us about a specific period in time and their histories intrigue us.

Items we purchase range between the ages of forty and a hundred years, meaning that they require refurbishment and/or a partial restoration.
We internally employ an artisan whom trained in Italy, he treats each item present on our E-Boutique case by case. His daily tasks include verifying electrical wiring, polishing the metals and treating the wood to ensure the integrity of the pieces. 

Furthermore, we work with a network of highly trained artisans including Upholsterers, Textile Designers, Metal Workers, Glaziers and Mirror Silverer’s, …

The pieces presented on our E-Boutique have thus been rehabilitated and are ready for a new lease on life.